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Over a third of a century ago Paul Farmer started commuting between Haiti, and Boston first as a student at Harvard Medical School , then as leader of ID (infectious diseases at Brigham Womens Hospital). His first goal to build rural health services in Haiti starting form nothing.

His quest to deliver world class health services to the poorest attracted the most wonderful partners - a secret philanthopist, the daughter of the storyteller Roald oahl and in 1988 the relentess Korean-American Jim KIm .

In the 1990s KIm led the battle to end drug resistant tuberculosis in Peruvian Slums (PIH's 2nd urgent national loartner) always with Farmer's expert consultancy. It turned out that ending TB was also vital to minimising HIV - so PIH became a world leading adviser on how to do that with eg funnds from Bush's global health fund. It also turned out that ending TB in Russian prisons became a favorite project of George Soros Open Society Networks

Still Farmer spent 7 months a year in Haiti. Then the earthquake destroyed the nation's main medical teaching hospotal. By now it was natural for development funds to build a replacement hospital around Farmer - so in 2013 the world class teaching hospital opened in Mirabelais. Farmner celebrated with one of his occasional trips to Europe - this time the 20th Open Society Rewards hosted by Soros in BUdpaest and celebrating the life work of Sir Fazle Abed


A year earlier Jim Kim had been appointed to lead the World Bank out of Washington Dc. His stories on how health servicemillennials could save the world and demonsyrate that all millennials could be the most conncetde and educated the human race has ever seen were the first time economics has celebrated next generation sustainability since Keynes. 

Still it was the Ebola crisis (together with tipping points in 20 yeras of mobile vilalge partnerships begun round yunus and another sofros find in 1996)  that may yet make everything Farmer and Kim have worked for seem to be the reason the web and milennials exist ... more

Bangladesh born the poorest 100 million plus nation (to gain independence from centuries of being ruled over) achieved the greatest economic miracle between 1972 -2010 -ending extreme poverty for the majority of villagers born into generations of illiteracy and no infrastructure (ie no electricity, no running water, no sanitation, next to no communications -ie no phones and at most a mud track)

For millennials today, Its a big shame that a mix of  publicity sharks d hack academics failed to  openly explain how bangladesh  achieved this not through banking in any sense of the word imaginable in richer nations

First in 25 pre-digital years of building hi-trust grassroots networks led by village mothers and then with what in 2015 is the longest 20 year learning curve of mobile partnerships with poorest village mothers networks (as so often yunus benefited in 1996 from the support of the only billionaire keynsian George Soros)

in both brac and grameen's case - earning the trust of women mothers through building health service networks for infants and mothers literally from noting cme first

then job-creating education

- in fact he notorious microecredit loans were in  Bangladesh reality, most cases the lowest clst job-training fees ever - village mothers took out credit to be trained to serve a microframchise - one in which the market channels had be redesigned by brac or grameen so that there would be guaranteed local community demand for their  services provided they worked hard

However for the purposes of this context: -  health for the poor

Bangladesh provides the other world class model - synergetic with pih's. In the Bamgaldeshi model village health services dont  linkin as deep expwrtise as PIH  in innovating  technical health solutions (though often they got pretty close and at lower cost ; however they build much more neignbouring sustainable livelihood models ( microfranchises than pih does)

Its just as well that George Soros is now well situated the best of pih and brac world of knowhow in 2 regions  that now most need innovation in hi-trust  end poverty networking skills

west africa


more on detials opf bang;adeshi's miracle in attached


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