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Haiti Mirebalais BRAC

Peru - end tuberculosis (Kim)

West Africa -end ebola (soros & BRAC, kim, farmer)

Rwanda main pih training resources in africa

Budapest Soros University and host of open society laureates - 20th edition winner sur fazle abed; chued gust paul farmer

DC KIm Millennials World Bank since 2012 - 2014 tedx1 ; youth summits 2014 2013; Young Africa Society; -other world bank live events valuing millennials; related youth global social yout entrepreneurs Dc-Americas

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HYPOTHESIS there are 4 questions jim kim wants to answer most that he cant do sustainably without sir fazle now

the questions are

what to do to develop Liberia immediately after ebola has been ended (ie how to move from bottom-up relief networks to bottom-up development and open infrastructure networks)

what to do in other african countries that dont have enough capacity in terms of community healthcare (either its training or its service workers)

similar pair of questions:

what to do next in haiti

what to do in other poorest (mainly small and isolated)  south/central american countries that dont have enough capacity in community health care training


jim kim (and farmers partners in health) do not have the model brac was built on which started by making para-health networkers in the villages sustainable microfranchises 

what KIM has done in the past is rely on the most brilliant dedicated youth to got to a hot disease area (local solutions lab) to work out how to stop a disease that hasnt been stoppable with rich top down approaches and then talked global fund leaders into money so that disease solution can be networked micro-up in other places- but this has ultimately been aid though in one or two wonderful cases like haiti mirabelais the work has become so big that the aid has been left behind in a world class hospital owned for the most ill

in knowledge terms whats uniquely TIMELY now is that both liberia and haiti have brac presence and in liberia's case funded by soros

so part 1 of solution to kim's 4 questions is soros, kim and abed need to meet to wholly understand bangladesh's 44 years of sustainable livelihood models women-built out from community health area and next bottom up nutrition, food security, energy all as one interfacing banking system owned in by trust by community regenerating village mothers

however part 2 is they need to understand the post digital tools of womens empowerment like nanocredit, bkash, yazmi (what it could be) and any other  bottom up leapfrog infrastructure models of mobile or telemedicine

because  digital solution tipping points can NOW help sustain a next (health-system-poor) country by starting with making health both affordable but microfranchised and open learning campused around health services

additionally if the people who eg own nanocredit partnerships dont understand that where they make big profits or scaling huge trust (or linkin digital wizards)    -- THEY NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLY INVESTING in developing the nations next steps along a brac-style heallh  economics journey then the big picture of a women =empowered health and open web-educated next generation will not be strategically doable across any region (or cultural bond eg catholic or muslim) of developing nations

all of this actually connects with cultural messages like the pope's on the most powerful publicly accountable servants need to care about these solutions

open education platforms come into this as they need the right understanding of order of building this- sadly the pr version of microcreditsummit's 19 years to date did the exact opposite of sharing this understanding with students- and the document of the UN asking for 2015 to convert to sustainability goals is pure dream without grounding above knowhow now  (maybe laura turner also needs a short telegram message from you naila)

there could also be an opportunity to get soros into sponsoring the pan-americas processes but not unless all of above has been understood by key players for

is there one idea from the above which you can take first to sir fazle so that he understands without his knowledge everything kim  milennials could do wont become irreversibly embedded in 2030now,  2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc,

and everything else the above could web together wont happen 

chris macrae

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