Inviting european millennials to journalise sustainable community knowledge

Instructions (if you need any help contact partners in publishing world record book of job creation) jargon by millennials we mean anyone under 35 on 1 Jan 2015

Millennials Microeconomics rejoice- first 44 years of Bangaldesh's miracle economic development confirms Keynsian 1972's hypotheses- community health and job creating education networks generate strong (exponentially sustainable economies ) not vice versa

The Economist 1984 severe test of future of global real-time decison-making - will you lead millennials to design 3 times more economical or 3 times more costly healthcare ; Other Millennial timelines  




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The UN has named 2015 greatest change year ever

1 2015 homework study how and why know why UN calls 2015 biggest changeover year ever to sustainability-start at last part of the report!  first deadline for joining european milennials movement of global social value is mid february 2015 this is when HEC starts a relevant MOOC in French

Devenir entrepreneur du changement February 24 2015

2 tell us where you will host virtual debates or real collaboration cafes of how do we translate what the un could know for sustainability of developing world to sustainability of millennials jobs across europe

3 grameen hub connects various countries round Europe who could jump ship from the unsustainable European Union that has been spun out of Brussels

4 Unfortunately the hunt for 30000 microfranchsies to sustain millennials world that has been miraculously led by bangladesh since 1972 hasnt been truly shared through any education channels reaching europe- however open learning campus around the world are the tipping point channel for sustainability millennials to collaborate round

so if you live in an of the countries below and are under 35 year of age and relentlessly wish to start hubbing jov creating community knowhow please contact us ppartners in publishing world record job creation


the grameenhub countries need to join each other in reforming each others collapsing systems before they can successfully help other countries leading the way with pro-youth capitals - Rome being number 1 in the pro-millennials world of 2015

World Bank Jim Kim values millennials according to practice social movements needed to put the world back on sustainability track by 2030

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