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q 2014.12.1 do you have any demonstration content up? if so could I see how you it communicates via a yazmi receiver


background -suppose someone next sees kenya's first lady or sir fazle abed or george soros (west africa's main investor in bottom-up) or any nation-wide influencer of education and had a yazmi receiver with them- what would they show given 2 minutes to win or lose attention of that person -or what would you show mr toure's chinese successor at the ITU? or ted turners daughter the main host of peace laureates and reformer of what journalists cover out of us


for example if we are to sell education receivers to groups of 5000 farmers families I would suggest this is the first ting they would find unforgetable to see on yazmi Believe in yourself | D'Banj | TEDxWBG

in effect its the world bank advertisement to big decision-makers of what projects/jobs it wants to help youth develop round agriculture and the world bank is well aware that open education is at a tipping point

equally if whole parts of the african continent are to stay vibrant then the number 1 leadership message of jim kim inside and outside the world bank and to every millennial as we start 2015 in not just ending ebola but having community health training massively mobilised is job number 1 of both economists and socially trusted people which I hope includes educators! - I am trying to locate the best first resource that needs to be beamed down on that - of course help with such a search is most welcome

additionally when youth networks out of dc (or any top 30 pro-youth capitals) ask for a meeting to understand yazmi- showing them the lead demos is actually what they need -then the ones who can say we can help you build with that are the ones you need to spend most quality tine and connections with in my opinion

please note my recommendation to you above on the basis of several generations of my family lifetimes in changing media is also the same sort of recommendation I make to anyone I meet who can change open education or womens empowerment- I have several key meetings in january eg to understand who world bank will choose as its coursera mooc partners and how it will co-promote agendas through tedx -the top content source


given the un is calling for 2015 to be the biggest changeover year youth have ever supported - see last para of this report- those open education movers and shakers who come together in the next few weeks are the moist valuable in massive scaling everything


chris macrae

world class brands chartering bethesda 301 881 1655 skype chrismacredc


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