A number 1 cause of collapsing communities is known from the work of Gandhi, Einstein and Montesorri. This is the endgame that starts spinning when professions lose their hippocratic oath - for doing no harm with the monopoly rules society licences them to order.


Gandhi discovered this ("Satyagraha"- Social Actions needed for Whole Truth Changemakers)  in 1906 - when he found that his own profession - the law - was designed by British Empire in such a way that it made more and more communities poorer and unsustainable all over India. He made this discovery half way through life. The next quarter of life he spent building a wholly new educational system which Maria Montessori helped him improve. The last quarter of his life he spent peacefully animating an Indian Spring all over the continent of India. My grandad- as a chief justice of Mumbai - spent 25 years trying to assert british law including imprisonment of gandhi until he was asked to write up the legalese of India's Indpendence. Grandad died when I was four but I do recall his favourite catchphrase was - nothing is impossible.


Einstein became a great mathematical supporter of Gandhi - not least because his own work shows that whenever a conventional view of the world says we are running out of space to be sustainable it is necessary to remodel at a more micro level of interactions than the previous science had commanded over.


What causes professions to lose their hippocratic oath?  Probably the common cause is accidental -ie before losing all ability to value goodwill they pass through a state of blindwill before ending up defending metrics that are perfect for multiplying destruction! After all: if you sought to design a mathematics of destrowying sustainabilty's future it would be impossible to find a more perfect metric than governing over how to maximise what one most powerful side takes every quarter from every other side (involved in an exchange of productive and demanding relationships) 


The following summarises how top-down professions become the greatest compound risk to the future. It is a finding that hosts of system transformation dialogues between 3 and 5000 people have spent 30 years thinking through as well as rehearsing over half a million times - see Harrison Owen : Open Space Technology or Practice of Peace 


A change happens in the environment but professional advisers to top rulers are so busy controling a top level's standardised view of how to govern 100% correctly that they are last to see this new diversity's right means that 99% corectness is now the best that can be stewadarded. They continue to rule what had historically been perfectly right but which for the future can only gravitate ever more conflicts. Get something a few percent wrong every quarter you calibrate performance rewards and report results and its not that many quarters before you are ruling over something that is more wrong than right.


All global accounatnts agreed that by their rules it was only in the last few quarters that Enron had been wrongly audited - ie it had already grown into a tom 50 world empire through global accounting standrads being far from good sense. The chain reaction of fallen dotcoms was not disimilar - global accounting's obsession with separate reporting hadnt spoted how they had all sold futures to each other - so once one rotten dotcom fell it brought down many others that had potentially a lot of communal value.


Top-down professions are therefore the least evolutionary experts in the world if what you need is systemic innovation being celebrated by a generation full of chnage - which the net generation was known to be - as mapped by entrepreneurial journalists at The Economist as early as 1984.


This Ackoff paper clarifies the tragic farce of how to fiddle over ever more meaningless historic analysis while Rome (or currently Greece ) burns . It is written with great verve - and should be a text used in every school to help young people see why professions are the great enemies to living systems most valuable change opportunities. http://www.acasa.upenn.edu/RLAConfPaper.pdf

Youth who know this can spend their activism time far more constructively than those who have never been given the chnace to study mapmaking or other ways of integrating details into bigger flow pictures


Decision makers , especially American ones responsible for the greatest resources of globalisation, have already missed several opportunities to go beyond the extraordinary mathematical errors that global professions continue to spin. Search Unseen Wealth literatures on transparency, goodwill, trust flow, and exponential sustainability. Most extraordinary of all is the way US Society correctly zeroised the value of the worst global accounting offender Andersen but didnt require the other big 5 accountants to correct their common faulty standard. This missed opportunity in 2003 compounded 5 years on into the wall street meltdown of 2008 and is continuing to this day in the meltdown of Euro and US Nations budgets. Every one of tehse political bailouts disinvests in youth's future - it is always youth who are paying when top-down politicians bail out.


When my dad wrote in 1976 that 1976-2075 would be Asian Pacific www century , it was not his wish that this would ha[pen through implosion of USA and other richer nations. It was entirely possible to design a world in which we all celebrate making 3 billion people much more productive than history had given them chances to be, without reducing the productivity of those in nations that were already providing good working lifetimes. In fact my fayher was well aware that the internet as the greatest single worldwide chnage in productivity ever to hit humanity could spin one of 2 opposite outcomes but not something in between


10 times more productvity -and so health and wealth by and for all

Orwell's Big Brother ending


The 2010s is youth's most exciting decade - as we will never have a better chnace to correct all the mathematical errors of old 20th C professions. And indeed since their common maths errors are the main block to sustainability solutions being openly newtorked everywhere, cure the maths and solutions are already out there for all of humanity's most urgent social and community problems. This suggests a time of  plentiful great work for youth to do not to little! 

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