understanding how microcredit scales to bank a billion:

pursuant of schumpeter's idea of empowering families in 2 million global vilages to maxisise their productivity- grameen design  builds on the power of 60


60 families are served by their own village centre - a hub for microbabking, knowledge sharing, animating a community market


60 by 60 = 3600 families are served by their own banking branch - in the original model these 60 centres were near enough for one small banking team to serve them by visits at least once a week to each centre; the team helped diffuse action learning


when mobile connectivity came to the village from 1996, it was possible to map economies of 60*60*60 =216000 framilies; example 1 these might be connected by where was the best price or the most urgent need for foods across a geographical contiguous area; or example 2 which first 216000 families shared knowledge on being solar empowered


as of 2011, this banking model hasnt quite got to 12.96 million families - its at just over 8 million families but with nearly 5 members per family that's over 30 million people in a network with the same 16 decision sustainability culture of investing in their next generation - an empowered new economy determined to identify the net generations most exciting gaols and design productive lives round serving them


there is also the possibility that mobiles can bring the transactional cost of banking record down by 10 - that would lead to ideas like one end poverty world bank owned by and for over a billion people all of whom are also interconnecetd by microentrepreneurial telecentres owned at the village levels


also attached forthcoming paper from microdcreditsummit 2011

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